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Take Away Bag

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Preordering Work? 

Preorders can be put in up to a month in advance. However, deliveries and pickups are only available on Thursdays 

Can I request a non-menu item for a catered event? 

We would love to curate a menu unique to your event. Contact us directly to collaborate.

Are there minimums?

Yes. Delivery has a minimum of $25 and catering has a minimum of $100. However there are pickup options and if you feel like your event wont meet the requirements reach out to us!

When ordering jerk chicken, what is Foreign and YAAD? 

Foreign is mild and YAAD is spicy

What if I have a large event I need catered? 

We love the JDK family and all family events. Please email us descriing your event and we will follow up with you

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